1 shawl=1 more day for a Tzotzil child

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In November 2017, 5,000 people belonging to the indigenous Tzotzil community were forced to flee to the forest and leave their homes because of land conflict. This conflict, which dates back to the 1990s, is oppressing residents of two municipalities in the state of Chiapas, including the state of Chenalho. Men, women, children of all ages, old people and newborns are each day suffering from the lack of food, care and warm clothing to face the cold winter in this Mexican region.

Our collaborators of the collective "Compa Lucha", being Tzotziles themselves, are solidarize towards their people and even if the conflict has not yet reached them physically, the friction and the feeling of insecurity are there days after days. To help this community that so badly needs all of us right now, I decided to launch the campaign:

"1 shawl = 1 day more for a child Tzotzil", which will help us finance the purchase of food, necessities (such as corn and beans), hygiene products or warm clothes. To know more about this humanitarian crisis (The national media speak little on this subject therefore, the few articles that there are in Spanish, sorry)


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