RAIZS Artisanat Equitable

The project-Boutique RAIZS Artisanat Equitable® was born with the need of promoting and valuing craftsmen's work from indigenous communities in Mexico.  

Traditions are our roots. They nurture what we are and fund our culture. Protecting them seems trivial these days when individualism and progress reign. However, in all Human’s life, there is a moment of transmission of his past, of his culture and his roots. Craftsmanship is one of the main tool for passing it on.In thiArt and Comm

In this race of globalization where industrialism and mass-production are kings, some communities try to survive, apart from the main system, with simple problems like finding drinkable water, food, places to sleep or learn.

RaizS Art et Communautés, in association with a social Mexican platform, « Huichola » promotes the cultural wealth of the country by buying handmade crafts from 50 artists who belong to indigenous communities of Mexico.

We will show you a huge range of product like jewelry, bags, clothes and other great quality items. The money earnt from these sales will be directly invested on the economic development of these communities touched by extreme poverty, in order to improve their way of living.

What do we look for?

What are our goals?

  • Promote the Mexican craftsmen work from indigenous communities who became minorities living in poverty.


  •  Reward communities' work without negotiation in order to emphasize their almost lost culture. The payment of their work at a fair price offers them hope and will to continue their hard work in order to satisfy the needs of their families.


  • Contribute to the economic autonomy of these communities and save their ancient traditions by financing development projects.


  •  Fight against exclusion and isolation especially of the oldest ones.


  • Protect ancient craft processes developing communities fom the operation  of foreign companies that produce poor quality parts, altering the true meaning of the designs that are their heritage and  take away, for some, their only source of job that keeps them looking forward.

To do it, we will present unique handmade items created by these native communities. Each piece is bought directly to the craftsman at its right price, without negotiating. We don’t negotiate in order to make money on those people’s back, knowing htat they put their hearts, souls and traditions inside pieces of art which can sometimes need several months to be made.