Laca-Laca Durango craftted shoes join the RAIZS Artisanat Equitable® project

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Written by: Tanya D

Laca Laca Durango® (formerly El Catrin shoes) is a project born in January 2016 in the city of Durango in the state of Durango, Mexico. This project involves the production of shoes and sandals for women, men and children in cowhide leather, 100%  handcrafted, by 16 artisans from Chiapas, residing in the city of Durango.

This initiative came from a group of friends from the city, concerned with the promotion of Mexican art, with regard to footwear, and trying to adapt it to contemporary taste and also to make known the work of Mexican craftsmen.

The main concern of Laca Laca Durango® is the empowerment and recognition of the work of Mexican craftsmen, since according to Andrés Barbosa "we must promote that what is done in Mexico is well done. "


We thank you Laca-Laca Durango® "to board the boat" for promotion and valorization of Mexican art.

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