"Compa Lucha" joins the promotion of Mexican art for social development

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Written by: Tanya D. 

The "Compa Lucha" cooperative of Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico collaborates with RAIZS Artisanat Equitable to promote socio-economic empowerment through the promotion of textile art in this region of Chiapas.

Also members of the civil society organization "Las Abejas" of the municipality of Acteal, belonging to the region of Chenalho, Chiapas, Mexico; the mainly women artisans and peasants of the region gathered to promote and elaborate the textile art of the region, in order to claim their identity as a indigenous people, to perpetuate their traditions and to acquire social and economic empowerment.

Las Abejas Civil Society is an indigenous organization that fights peacefully to claim their rights and defend their lands and territories. At the moment, they are located in 6 municipalities of the heights of Chiapas, the majority speak tzotzil, another part tzeltal.

The municipality of Chenalho is located in the central zone of Chiapas, in the heart of Chiapas. It borders Chalchihuitán to the north, Alldama to the west, Chamula and Mitontic to the south, as well as Pantelhó, San Juan Cancuc and Tenejapa to the east. It has an area of ​​113 km ².

We welcome you and you will be able to find their pieces made in waist loom in the online store.

Promote an inclusive and responsible Mexican art!

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