Ancestral and contemporary fashion with Aidée Arellano and RaizS

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Traduced by: Adrian Enciso V.

The project RaizS, always committed to promote Mexican art, has adhered to the dynamism and innovation of Aidée Arellano, young designer proud of her country and her background, whose project has the mission of “enhancing the taste for our roots and for the Mexican design, link of innovation, theoretical and methodological knowledge of colours, textures and materials.”

As she says, she tries to transmit the enjoyment and the passion for what she does in every piece and to build a circle that shares this feeling between designers, craftsmen, customers and families.

Her contribution to improve the socioeconomic situation of Mexican communities is through a direct collaboration with craftsmen from many towns of the Sierra of Puebla, such as Pahuatlán, Zacatlán and Tepexi de Rodríguez, with whom she has a close relationship based on respect, fair trade and love for their origins. They, by using techniques as braiding, weaving or interweaving, are the creators of unique soulful pieces with histories to tell to those who wish to listen with the heart what they have to say.

Aidée always summarizes her job with this sentence: “He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live. I think the improvement of society starts when every person is awar of his environment, proposes alternatives, becomes engaged and acts to produce the changes needed.  For me, it is a blessing to be able to do it from the field I am most passionate about: the design.”

We will soon have pieces of handcrafted jewelry of Aidée!

Let’s cherish the Mexican art! Say NO to bargaining!



Adrian has estudied and worked in Mexico and France.

He strongly believes that diversity is the path to development 

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